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BTTF Memorabilia

Here are some of the DeLorean things I have collected based on the Back to the Future movies

Warning: To help preserve image quality, most images are pretty
big and may take a while to load.  :)

 Click images to see full size/complete reproduction 

The car from Back to the Future part one complete with lightning rod attachment, and Stainless steel like chromed body (I build these cars in the order of the movies. . you will see the detail get better as the movies progress)
The car from Back to the Future part two with Mr. Fusion and Hover conversion
The car from Back to the Future part three with 1950's components attached to the hood and railroad equipped.  There is also a part three car with the white wall tires, but after spending 4 months on the first three, I decided to hold off on the last one!
From the Johnny Lightning Hollywood on wheels series.  Nicely detailed "match box" sized DeLorean
I have has this longer than I have owned my actual DeLorean.  I got this at McDonalds back on the mid 80's (whenever they came out). It was a promo for the BTTF cartoon series, and showed cool sparks when the car was moving.  Mine is now all sparked out.  :(
a cool non BTTF modified DeLorean car with working gullwing doors. Hmm, non BTTF modified. . .why did I put it on this page? (If you can figure that out, please let me know).
The BTTF3 Texaco gas station complete with cars. A very cool micro-machine sized set.  Good for people with tiny shelves
One of the coolest BTTF toys I have.  This car is battery powered and is damn fast.  It works really well in office hallways (trust me), but was designed for a race track, hence the "guidance wheels" on the outside.

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