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Due to the amount of DeLorean collectibles, this section is broken down in to three parts.

Click on the thumbnail on the left to go the the category you are interested in:
Brochures - This section contains all of the items that were created by the DeLorean Motor Company itself. Any brochures or official company produced items will be found here.
The DMC-80 - DeLorean Motor Company was working on producing a bus at the same time that they were working on the DeLorean DMC-12 - definitely a must see . . .
DeLorean Posters - these are 2 posters that I have created (and feature the DeLorean) - if you are interested in purchasing one of these, please let me know and I will give you all of the details.
Advertisements - The DeLorean was quite the hot item when it came out, and was featured in numerous magazine ads - click here to check them out. Have one  that is not listed? Let me know, I would love to get a scan of it!
Back to the Future related items and collectibles


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