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What follows was (the author of the text believes) a result of a DeLorean overheating.  This could also be caused by not having the factory updates, and probably more importantly, the Zilla updates from P.J. Grady installed in your DeLorean!  Trust me, I came closer than I would like to admit to this myself.  Several years ago, while at a car show, Rob Grady was doing a quick "once over" of my car,  and discovered that the fan relay wires and fuses (the factory update to fix possible fire problems) had melted and were probably very close to catching on fire.  As Rob said, "You're lucky that you made it this far."  The DeLorean is no less reliable or safe than any other car on the road, but they are approaching 25 years of age.  It is always a good idea to carry a fire extinguisher in your DeLorean (or any other car for that matter).

The text that accompanied these photos is as follows:

These photographs show DeLorean remains from a fire that occurred a few months ago in Indiantown, Florida, while the owner of this DeLorean was driving through the area. The owner lives in New Jersey, and I had written a letter to them asking them for a comment on how the fire started to better be able to protect my vehicle. To date I have not received any response, and perhaps the name I was given is incorrect.

In any event, I have attached the negatives to this letter so that the DeLorean World may publish one or more of these shots in conjunction with a warning to owners for the need to replace relevant relays, switches, etc. The account I have received from the wrecker department was that the fire started suddenly and was not the result of an accident.

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