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All the cars lined up for pictures
the back ends of some of the cars
almost completely assembled engine
Bill's Carbureted engine
Bill's crunched quarter panel - stupid trees!
also Bill's car - custom mounts for his funky engine
nice dual cat set up
Jeff looking like he is in the process of being eaten.
Nothing like some fuel pump work in the parking lot of a restaurant . . .we spent something like 4 hours there. :) It was much fun.
three pictures of all of the DeLorean owners / enthusiasts that were present (From the left)

Jeff Friday, Me (Michael Babb), Louie Golden, Joe Palatinus, Jason Perkins, Bill Robertson, Farrar Hudkins, and Andy (don't have his last name).

Wielding the mighty timing gun!
Can't believe how easy it is to set the timing on these cars!
a D all jacked up . . I think this is Jeff's car. . . .
Jeff's Engine - funky!
Check out the yellow engine cover vents . . .powder coated I believe.  This car is also very shiny . . but you can still see the grain.  Very cool effect.
OK, probably overkill, but here are 10 pictures of all of the cars lined up - just too cool seeing this many all together in one spot.
OK, one more - over the roof of the first car . . .not all of  the doors open yet.
On Joe's car, the back fenders are painted with black semi-circles - kinda cool looking
Another picture of Jeff's shiny car
I wish this came out better . . .but this is the "speedometer" on Bill's car - basically a chart listing the correlation between the engine RPM and the vehicles speed in different gears. You can check this chart out on the DeLorean Mailing List
Louie - sporting a very cool DeLorean t-shirt.
the "new" fuel pump baffle (as seen on the SpecialTAuto website)
Bill's version of the above, using a Tuna can . . make sure to wash it out first.
As soon as Jeff gets out of there we can go . . . .
Working on the cars
Bill and Joe checking out Joe's car
check out that engine!
I am surprised that Jeff's back wasn't killing him at the end of the day - he spend most of the time in this position looking at grimy DeLorean parts.

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