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Were there two versions of the DeLorean BEFORE it went into production?  I think so, as follows are pictures and supporting information to back my claim.  I have put colored arrows on the images to highlight similarities and differences between the three versions.  Please be patient.  Images will take a while to load.

Have some additional information or arguments? let me know!


The original prototype was very visually similar to the final DeLorean.  Here are some of the differences. Follow the arrows. Originally there was no louver (purple arrow) The car also had sliding windows (blue) with a "notch" in the back corner and were not lined up evenly with the rear quarter windows. The side mirrors were shaped differently and placed farther back (orange). The trim on the underside on the car was painted to match the Stainless Steel (red). The rear air vents were two piece (cyan). The front grill was a smooth piece of black plastic (yellow).  Also note the wheel style that was on the original DMC (green).

Other changes: The side marker lights are just under the black side strip, and the interior was completely different, not just in styling but also in color (the interior was a nice 70's brownish/orange color...nice).

The side marker lights were moved up slightly and incorporated into the black side trim. The interior of this car was more in line with the production car. The only major difference that I have seen between this car and the production are shown below and are the size and placement of the ashtray, the lack of a storage "hole" in the center console, and the shape of the steering wheel (2 spoke as opposed to 3 spoke on the production).


The Pre-production car is an interesting mix between the Prototype and the Production car.  To the car were added the louvers (purple). The side mirrors were moved forward and given a more streamlined look (orange). The windows kept the with the sliding feature, but were also made more streamlined. Note how the front and rear windows now line up on the bottom (blue). Due to stainless changing colors slightly after it is brushed, the matching fascia and back were changed, and the under car trim was changed to flat black (red). The air vents in the sides of the car were changed to a single piece (cyan). and the front grill was given grooves to make it look more like a, well, a grill (yellow).  The wheels were changed to a different style (green). The back quarter windows still were lacking the air scoops that ended up on the production car (white).



And finally the production car!
The manual sliding windows were removed in favor of the "tool booth" power windows (blue). The air scoop was added to the rear quarter window (to help draw air into the engine?) (cyan). Basically everything else on the outside of the car stayed intact from the pre-production car to the production version. again note that the lower trim is flat black (red).   
This is the interior of a early model production De Lorean (you can kind of make out the built in clock just in front of the automatic gear shift selector.  The steering wheel was changed to that shown to the left (white) as well as the ashtray being "rotated" and moved to the right (white). The louvers were kept on the car (although originally intended to be a GT option) as they helped to cool the engine (purple). 

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