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New DeLorean Magazines

For the past 20 some odd years if you wanted to subscribe to a magazine that was devoted to the DeLorean there was only one choice. You had to join the DeLorean Owners Association and get their rag, DeLorean world.

Over the past two years, all that had changed. Along with DeLorean World (now renamed DW), there are 3 new publications to choose from. DeLoreans, published by DeLorean Motor Company in Texas, DCS by the DeLorean Car Show crew, and Gullwing.

Click on the thumbnail below for additional info and a bigger cover preview.

DeLorean World  magazine - a publication of The DeLorean Owners Association. This was published quarterly from 1983 (I believe) through 2002 - replaced by dw magazine (see below). Additional info on the DOA Website.
Deloreans magazine - a publication of DeLorean Motor Company is a quarterly publication.  I subscribed to this magazine about 4 months ago, and as soon as I have one in hand I will add a review. You can subscribe online at
dw magazine - The new publication of The DeLorean Owners Association. focusing on Travel, Technical, Lifestyle - have not seen one of these yet, probably need to re-subscribe! The magazines website is
DCS magazine - from Ken Koncelik and the DeLorean Car Show crew - this is the first of the three new magazines that I have subscribed to, and for the cost it is a great magazine. Additional information is available here.
Gullwing magazine - an independent publication (and the next on my list to subscribe to). Additional information and subscription links are available on Tamir's Delorean site.

This page last modified on Saturday, March 25, 2006