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DeLorean DMC-80 Brochure

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The DMC-80 is both a proven bus and
a new bus. It is derived from the
widely used VOV I standard bus (over
20,000 now in operation) and  from
the four year test of the VOV II, the
prototype for the current
experimental German model, the S

These buses were cooperatively
designed as a compromise between
operators' needs and manufacturers'
desires, in order to rapidly assure a 
new generation of acceptable buses
without conflict. Their low floor, wide
door concept was developed to
enhance operations. The placement
of components was designed to
reduce operating costs. The high cost
of fuel mandated a fuel efficient engine.

The DMC-80, in serial production, will
be manufactured in the United States.
It sets new standards for engineering
excellence, innovation, reliability,
 passenger comfort, economical
operation and ease of maintenance.

The De Lorean Motor Company - with
support of our goals and concepts
from the transit properties - is
prepared to offer the U.S. market the
first of a new generation of buses.


Floor height at the front and rear
doors is 22 inches. A slight rise

           begins at the rear door. In the
kneeling position, floor height is
18 inches.


The front and rear doors are 48
inches wide, permitting passengers to
bet on and off the bus quickly. After
entry, only one step separates the
passenger from the bus floor

The standard wide front door also
makes it possible to use either an
inexpensive, patented ramp of a
newly developed lift.


The ramp and the lift will be installed as
modules, permitting rapid removal and
replacement in the event of a
malfunction. A fixed step will be
provided for temporary use in the event
that a replacement ramp or lift is not
readily available.


The DMC-80, with wide front and read
doors, seats 47 passengers. Folding seats
can be provided to accommodate one or
two wheelchairs. The seats are on risers,
enabling passengers to take full
advantage of the large windows to see
over traffic and permitting easier seating
for elderly riders.




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