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DeLorean DMC-80 Brochure

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All important service points are easily
accessible from the outside though large
flaps. Relays and other electrical
components are logically arranged in the
centrally located electrical system. The
color-coded cables are terminated with
solderless plug connectors, enabling
quick detection of problems and
substitution of components.

The battery set is mounted on a sliding
carriage which is pulled out for easy
checking and service. Heating system
and air conditioning components are
also easily accessible.


A unique fuel-saving, fresh air
ventilation system will be standard,
using air drawn down from adjustable
safely ports located in the roof. Reliable
air conditioning will be an available 


The driver sits in the quietest section of
the bus, using a sprung and
hydraulically dampened seat, individually
adjustable to his weight, height and 
reach. The driver is not only
comfortable, but avoids fatigue by
sitting in a position that is anatomically
correct. All instruments and controls are
easily within the driver's range and


The understructure is lattice frame
with side and cross members constructed
of square tubing and reinforced with
web plates and diagonal struts. The
body skeleton is fabricated from square
steel tubing. The body panels are riveted
or bonded to the body skeleton.



The DMC-80 will be produced in either
96 or 102 inch widths. Standard length
is only 37.5 feet, enabling easier
handling in traffic. The design simplifies
the process for manufacturing buses of
varying widths and lengths, including
the DMC-80A, an articulated, low floor
version of the DMC-80.





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