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Dream Maker
The Rise and Fall of John Z. DeLorean

By Ivan Fallon & James Srodes
ISBN: 0-399-12821-2





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ISBN 0-399-12821-2

This is the story of a man who created his
own strange version of the American
Dream - and was ultimately ruined by it.
John Zachary DeLorean is one of the most
fascinating figures ever to enter the fast
tracks of big money and international
celebrity. With nothing more than his own
forceful personality, DeLorean created a 
business empire that, at its zenith, co-
ntrolled $500 million of other people's money
- then threw it all away.
    Internationally known financial writers
Fallon and Srodes were a thorn in DeLo-
rean's flesh two years before his crash.
Now they take you step by step through the
compelling saga:
- How DeLorean rose from poverty to
lead General Motors' most important car
division to its biggest sales and profits ever;
 - How reports of his increasingly
bizarre lifestyle and his criticism of top
management forced DeLorean's bosses to
get rid of him - only to have the media 
report, "John DeLorean has fired GM";
 - How, despite a serious of business
disasters in which he was reportedly sued
for fraud, he continued to wheel and deal
with Wall Street's biggest brokerage and
banking houses;
 - How he brought hope to strife-torn
Belfast by building a showplace factory and
putting thousands to work on his 130-mph,
stainless-steel, gull-wing sports car, all with
American investors' dollars and British tax-
payers' pounds, now hopelessly lost;
 - How he married three beautiful 
women, caught the Concorde to attend glit-
terati parties at Studio 54, and spent mil-
lions collecting art he could not appreciate.

    John DeLorean was catapulted to the
heights of international fame by his per-
sonal dream, only to achieve even greater
notoriety when he tried to save it by appar-
ently succumbing to the lure of a multi-
million-dollar cocaine deal. As always, with
this resourceful and adept creator of fanta-
sies, no one can say for certain that 
we've heard the last of him.

Winner of the prestigious Harold Wincott
Award to Britain's Financial Journalists of
the Year, Ivan Fallon is the city editor of
the Sunday Telegraph, Britain's largest cir-
culation Sunday newspaper. He has spent
the last eighteen years covering the City of
London's stock exchanges, banks, and
business houses, and it was his coverage of
the DeLorean financing agreement with
the Callaghan Labour government that led
to the Thatcher government's refusal to
continue the scheme.
    James Srodes operates his own financial
news agency serving newspapers around
the world. He is a seventeen-year-veteran
of the American business beat, having
served as UPI's White House Economics
correspondent, staff writer for Business
, and Washington bureau chief for
Forbes magazine. His analysis of business
trends is a regular feature of National Pub-
lic Radio and the BBC.

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