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DeLorean Gold Portfolio: 1977 - 1995

Ever wanted to read all of the magazine articles that have been written about the DeLorean?  The first time I attempted this, I spent all morning researching articles, and the rest of the day pulling articles off of micro-fiche.  This is a much better solution!  This book contains articles produced between 1977 and 1995.  An excellent chronology of the production, life, and demise of the DeLorean Automobile.

Still not convinced it's worth it?  Here is the Table of Contents:
Article Title Publishing Magazine Month Year
The DMC-12 Car and Driver July 1977
De Lorean Autocar October 1977
De Lorean's Dream Nears Reality Modern Motor March 1978
De Lorean: Belfast's Concorde? Car February 1979
Jim's Irish Joke? Motor December 1979
The Gull Wing Snub? Wheels May 1980
De Lorean - Will the Dream Turn to Disaster? Motor August 1980
One Man's Dream Sports Car Graphic April 1980
De Lorean   Driving Impressions Motor Trend May 1981
De Lorean   Preview Car and Driver May 1981
The De Lorean Dilemma   Driving Impressions Car and Driver July 1981
De Lorean Sports Car Graphic June 1981
De Lorean Sports Car Car South Africa May 1982
Miscellaneous Ramblings: News from De Lorean Road and Track September 1980
Delightful Delovely De Lorean? Driving Impression Road and Track June 1981
DMC-12 Materializes Asian Auto March 1981
De Lorean    Driving Impression Motor Trend June 1981
De Lorean - The Fantasy Becomes Reality Wheels June 1981
De Lorean: American Assessment Autocar June 1981
De Lorean   Road Test Road and Track December 1981
De Lorean vs. The World   Comparison Test Car and Driver December 1981
Gull Wing De Lorean Verdict Sporting Cars November 1981
De Lorean versus the Great Names   Comparison Test Motor Trend December 1981
Europe's De Lorean Car April 1982
Silver Dream Machine Motor December 1982
Flight of Fancy What Car? February 1983
The De Lorean Saga Auto International February 1983
De Joy of De Lorean Modern Motor November 1982
De Lorean: Living the Dream Performance Car January 1984
Steel Dreaming Motor October 1984
Back to the Future Modern Motor December 1985
Quicksilver Autocar August 1986
Backs to the Future   Comparison Test Performance Tuning December 1988
Factory Twin Turbo De Lorean World June 1988
Team De Lorean De Lorean World March 1989
De Lorean Behind the Wheel Your Classics July 1992
Great Dreams De Lorean World June 1989
I Remember John Z. Car And Driver June 1993
160,000 Miles and Still Going De Lorean World March 1992
Flawed Favorite   Driving Impression Popular Classics September 1993
The DMCL Test Track De Lorean World June 1993
Busted Dream: 1982 De Lorean Special Interest Auto May 1995
The De Lorean Interview De Lorean World June 1993

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