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After receiving a batch of Time Magazines today on the mail from 1982, I decided to send everyone on a trip down memory lane.  Here are some things that were new, and "Hi-Tech" in 1982 (the year of the demise of the DeLorean). I have also included some people for reference.

Also the argument about the DeLorean's styling has come up many times in the past.  Look at the pictures, and tell me if the style of ANYTHING here would be considered "cool" in the 2000's.  The last page will show some cars that came out around the time of the DeLorean's design (1977). 

Apple Corp was a big competitor to IBM and their "Personal Computer" or "PC" as these new thingies were dubbed. In it's third iteration, the Apple III was introduced.  It even had a super hi-tech green monochrome screen!
Who cares about a Pentium IV with 4 GB of memory!  We have here the ULTIMATE gaming machine (TV not included): That's right . . The Atari 5200. You too can drive cars made out of big blocks on a screen!  Very Cool! (click for a larger picture)
On a more Tragic note, 1982 was the year that John Belushi died.  I won't even try to make up anything funny about this.
CLOTHES!  That's what the 80's was really about.  This is a gotta see picture (click for a larger image).  Can you believe that it was really legal top wear stuff like this.  I for one don't miss the big hair and leg warmers of the 80's!
What would Disney World be without the Epcot Center?  Well, still pretty cool, but at Epcot you could play with all of the latest in Technology!  (OK, I admit the styling of Epcot is still valid in today's world).

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