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Page 4 of our walk back down memory lane. . . We have the cars that came out at about the same time - let me know if you think any of them are still as stylish today as the DeLorean is!
The BMW 733I. Amazingly enough the front of today's BMW's still look pretty much the same.
The Chevrolet Chevette. Road & Track loved it (for a while) this little boxy car cost just over $5000 (including tax) and was worth every penny (but not a penny more).  I, myself, like to think of this as the Yugo of the 80's.
Datsun?  What is a Datsun? Before they changed their name to Nissan, we had a Datsun station wagon with a cool smiley face made out of rust on the drivers side door.  The truck to the left was their latest and greatest!
What can I say? It was made into an official Prototype in 1977.  Compare this to the rest of the cars on the page. . . I think it beats them hands down in the styling department!
FIAT!  Looks kinda like a Mr. Bean car doesn't it?
This was Saab's newest addition to the Automotive world, the 99EMS (and if this was all I had to drive, I would call EMS myself)!  

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